Something to Remember


Seems fitting, after posting about all this art and politics business to leave with something from the past. I can’t explain why I love Egypt so much-everyone thinks I’m mad for wanting to move there after having grown up here. Maybe it’s because in this dark, dark time-the realm of possibilities seem limitless. The West is bombarded with awful imagery and idea about the region-I wish to devote my life to upending that. To pick up where we left off in Egypt-a place that was as antiquated as it was glamorous. This is one of my favorite songs of all time by one of my favorite singers, Abdel Halim Hafez. He personified what used to be a sort of ideal-the stoic, sexy, yet reserved singer, bandleader, dancer, actor–our Gene Kelly. This song is called “Ahwak” which means more than ‘I love you’-to truly adore someone else to your soul. It was allegedly written for an actress he was in love with who married someone else. Hafez himself would never marry and tragically died young. As corny as this sounds-this is how I feel about my home. Cheers to all the beautiful things. Then, now, and the ones on their way.

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